Erik A. Petkovic, Sr.

Erik Petkovic, Sr. began his diving career in 1997.  In 20 years of diving he has logged many hundreds of dives along the East Coast and Great Lakes Regions of the US.  

An expert shipwreck researcher, Erik is contracted by other authors and researchers to assist in the intricacies of conducting shipwreck and disaster research.  

Erik has been published in multiple international dive magazines and publications including Wreck Diving Magazine, The Deco Stop (Brazilian Dive Magazine), Tech Diving Mag, and others.  

A sought after speaker, Erik is available for speaking engagements and seminars. He currently resides in Southern Maryland with his wife and two sons. 

Erik is an elected Member of The Explorers Club.

Shipwrecks of Lake Erie Volume One is his latest book. 

His forthcoming projects include Encyclopedia of Lake Erie Shipwrecks, Shipwrecks of Lake Erie Volume Two, and Tugboat Wrecks of the Great Lakes.

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